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  • $700
  • }2 Hours

Like any cosmetic procedure, it is a process. Please do not expect immediate results.
You will need to be patient and understand it is a TWO step process. The initial appointment and then the six week touchup. Both involve the same healing process.

Lip Blushing

  • $1000
  • }2 Hours 30 Min

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that gives back color and symmetry to the lips giving a more full and youthful appearance! After the initial application process (1st session and 4-week touchup session which IS INCLUDED IN THE $1,000) it lasts on average 1-3 years depending on age, genetics, and lifestyle!

New Client Correction

  • $1700
  • }2 Hours

Had your brows done by another artist and just don’t love them? This is the appointment for you! It includes everything that a Microblading appointment would, however, the initial investment is a little more than normal because oftentimes working over another artist’s work can take up to three sessions: three back-to-back sessions six weeks apart. The third appointment may not be any more than 18 weeks after the initial appointment.

Brow Shaping & Lamination

  • $100
  • }1 Hour

This service includes brow shaping and clean-up with our favorite brow lamination!
NOTE: Does not include tint!

FREE Microblading Video Consultation

  • }30 Min

Do you want microblading, but you’re nervous, or just have a few more questions before booking?! No worries! Book a free online video consultation and we will help answer any questions you may have.

Annual Touch-Up

  • $700
  • }1 Hour 30 Min

This appointment is for existing clients who are coming in within 12 months of their original appointment.

Lip Blushing Touch-Up

  • $500
  • }2 Hours

This touchup is for existing lip-blushing clients who want an extra layer for a darker color or more variation. It is to be done after the initial appointment and inclusive touchup and must be done within a year of the first session for this price.

Inclusive Six Week Touch-up

  • }1 Hour 30 Min

This is the inclusive touchup that comes with your original investment. It is required that this touchup is done within 8 weeks of your original appointment or an additional fee will apply. The same Microblading process and healing process are done so please plan accordingly!

Microblading House Call

  • $2500
  • }2 Hours 30 Min

This appointment includes everything that a traditional “Microblading With MaKaibree” appointment includes it’s just in the comfort of your home. If you’re interested in this option please call me directly to arrange this.
-MaKaibree, Owner of The Beautiful Brows (435) 669-9778
(Note: I can take a rapid Covid test prior to the appointment for an additional $200.)

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