$250 – $1,400


The Beautiful Brows microblading* includes a full brow evaluation where we spend the first hour of your appointment going over shape and color ensuring that you LOVE the brows before we make them semi permanent. It then includes the microblading* as well as powder fill otherwise known as shading or soft tap. After the appointment a 6 week touch up is required and is included in the original cost.

Pricing varies on appointment type and location. Please send a photo of brows to 435-669-9778 for your individualized price.

$500 – $1,000


Lip Blushing is a semi permanent cosmetic procedure that gives back color and symmetry to the lips giving a more full and youthful appearance! After the initial application process (1st session and 4 week touchup session which IS INCLUDED IN THE $600) it lasts on average 1-3 years depending on age, genetics, and lifestyle!

Pricing Depends on Artist Location

*Microblading results may vary from person to person.*

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*Microblading results may vary from person to person.*