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Brow Henna

Want to keep things au naturel? Brow henna is a great way to achieve a darker, fuller brow in a natural way. Henna is formulated from the lawsonia inermis plant and lasts 7-14 days on the skin and 4-6 weeks on the hair. By dying both the hair and skin, henna gives a great aesthetic result.

$40 (30 min)

Brow Tint

Get your brows to your ideal shade. We have over 20 shades to choose from or we can also mix the perfect color for you. Color lasts approximately 4-6 weeks depending on hair type and lifestyle.

$25 (20 min)

Brow Wax

Customized brow shaping & hair removal in under 20 minutes.

$25 (20 min)

Wax & Tint

This is your classic brow wax and tint we can achieve any shape and color you desire.

$40 (30 min)

Brow Lamination

Get on trend with a “brow lift”, resulting in perfectly placed brows looking fuller than ever. Lamination results can vary from up to 3-8 weeks.

$55 (45 min)

Full Lamination

Transformation Wax, tint, & lamination. The full wow-factor.

$75 (1 hour)

*Microblading results may vary from person to person.*

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*Microblading results may vary from person to person.*