The Beautiful Brows was founded in 2017 by MaKaibree Reese in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the past six years, Mak and her team of expert artists have brought beautiful brows to over 7,000 happy clients and beyond. While The Beautiful Brows offers several brow services, we specialize in an aesthetically organic approach of enhancing our clients’ natural beauty by adding symmetry to the face with the magic of microblading. The mastered technique of ‘The Golden Rule’ and precise attention to detail, tailored to each unique face and brow structure is what has allowed The Beautiful Brows to become Utah’s top-rated and most-loved brow destination!

With an extensive list of regular clients traveling to Salt Lake City to see us in search of the best brows, due to popular demand ’The Beautiful Brows’ established a second location in Los Angeles in 2021 and has been providing our expert services to the West Coast for the last year!

With a greater plan to continue to serve every individual’s unique beauty desires, the Beautiful Brows is going BEYOND in 2023 by expanding into a full spa with luxury suites starting in summer 2023.

Meet your artist


 MaKaibree is an accomplished and highly recognized micro-blading and permanent makeup professional going back over a decade to her early days of training as a lash artist in New York City. Born and raised in Utah, she followed her dream to the big apple to pursue her professional singing career and then discovered her innate talent of helping people feel their most beautiful selves in every way.

Her entrepreneurial spirit helped her envision building a beauty empire where she has the privilege to go above and beyond for her clients to empower them to feel beautiful and confident in every way. She currently lives in LA where she is expanding a new location for BEYOND, while balancing family time with her two sweet daughters Goldy and Rew – the next generation of women with a front-row seat to learn that true beauty is being powerful and strong, and following your passion to help others shine both inside and out!


Jaide was born and raised in Salt Lake City and came to Makaibree as a client of The Beautiful Brows in 2017 when she learned first-hand, the magic of micro blading! After she personally experienced the boost of confidence that good brows can offer, she became passionate about learning how to give others that same opportunity to look and feel their most beautiful selves!

Jaide has spent the last two years mastering her technique and not just fine-tuning her professional skills, but also building relationships with each and every one of her clients who keep coming back not just for her expertise but also the genuine connection that she creates with everyone who walks through her door! She continues to fine-tune and expand her skill-set and values each and every opportunity to do what she loves while making every person’s individual eyebrow dreams come true!