What is Microblading Like at The Beautiful Brows?

The two main questions we get here at the beautiful brows are:

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi permanent cosmetic procedure where we create the illusion of eyebrows through hair strokes created with pigment. We use a handheld tool to place each individual stroke right where you want it. We specialize in natural looking Beautiful Brows.

Does it hurt?

While microblading would be quite painful without a good numbing cream the Beautiful Brows sets itself apart by using medical grade numbing solutions with adequate numbing times making the process nearly painless. It is our top priority for all of our clients to feel comfortable throughout the entire appointment and we go beyond to make sure of it!

What is the microblading process like?

The appointment is a two hour process.

The first hour is dedicated to a medical history review and consultation where clients can ask any questions they may have, go over what their brow dreams are and create the perfect shade for their brows. Once that has all been decided we get to the most important part. The mapping. Our artist will take measurements of your specific bone structure to create your custom brows. Measuring your facial features helps us insure that the shape of your new brows don’t go too far from the shape of your natural brows or the ones you once had. Once the shape is confirmed we let you hang out and relax for 30-45 minutes while your brows are numbed with a medical grade lidocaine based cream.

The second hour is where we get down to business and give you the brows you deserve! First we get all sterilized and set up. Then we remove the numbing cream, make sure the outline is still perfect and finally get down to it. Microblading time varies from client to client as you can imagine. Our founder always says you can’t rush perfection! MOST of the time we reach that “perfection” within the hour. Getting to the finish line does require help from our clients. We always make it a priory to ask every client for input before finishing your brows giving you a chance to make any changes necessary for you to feel your most beautiful best self!

When we are finished with our masterpiece you can go right back to doing what you do best. Being YOU. There is essentially ZERO down time. Many clients go back to their normal daily routine without skipping a beat. Although, your brows may feel a little sore and possibly irritated directly after your procedure those sensations won’t last long. By day two you should have nearly zero pain and the rest of the week is a breeze just follow the simple healing process instructions.

Healing Process

The aftercare instructions are important to follow after your appointment to guarantee your best brows! Like any cosmetic procedure it is a process and we ask you to stay patient till the end. The number one rule is to keep your brows dry for seven days. The second and third day your brows will feel darker and bolder. This can be alarming but do not worry! When they do heal be prepared for the color to be significantly lighter and the overall appearance much softer and more natural. It will take time for this transition, based on how quickly the outer layer of your skin exfoliates. Usually the exfoliation (peeling) process occurs about 4 to 5 days after the procedure and will be completely healed around day 7. We will provide a healing balm you can apply to your brows if they are itchy, but this is the ONLY ointment or cream we recommend. It’s important that you do not touch your brows, peel your scabs, and also stay out of the sun for the first seven days. You will need to be patient and understand it is a two step process. Once the seven days are up you will be able to wash your brows and get those flaky scabs off. Under the scabs your brows will feel lighter and you may have some areas that the pigment did not take to the skin. That is why you come back for your six week touchup and that is when we will correct them. It can not be done before then as the skin needs that time to heal so that it can absorb the pigment. After the touchup the healing process starts all over again although many clients say the second healing process is much easier as they know what to expect.

Other hot tips: avoid chemical peels. Avoid direct sunlight. Avoiding oil based makeups on your brows. Oil breaks down pigments. Dry skin flakes off pigment. STAY HYDRATED

Always remember, good things come to those who wait and good things stay for those who take care of them!